Mill Creek Treeing Walkers

Bill English      Hawkins, Texas  
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Bluebonnets in the hill country of Texas
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This  is a tribute to James Larue, Powderly, Texas, who died April 10th, 2003. He was a boyhood coon hunting friend who will be sorely missed.
A couple of coons eating dog food on the front porch. Notice that the big coon has a "powder puff" on the very end of his tail.

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I am single, and am currently looking for a green-eyed or blue-eyed, blond or redhead,  who is a beautiful, level headed, passionate woman with lots of money. Must like to hunt and fish and own a good fishing boat..... Please send me a picture of the boat........


Looking for a "Good Woman"
email me
       ......Gone but not Forgotten.......

Ch. Nt. Ch. PKC Ch. Yadkin River Rowdee

Sometimes when I am in the cool river bottom I imagine that I can still hear you working the track with your beautiful, clear bawl mouth, finishing it with your awesome two bawl locate , then going in to a loud, never ending hard chop.  They didn't make many like you. I hope they have coon dogs in Heaven.  If so, we will team up again.
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Hello to all my coonhunting friends who have visited my site through the years. I have started back hunting again and have two good, well bred country coon dogs to offer the public for stud. I am not sure I will ever competition hunt again, but I am enjoying just having fun hunting with my friends again and getting much needed exercise. I have discontinued the classifieds and message forum. There was too many pop up ads and too much spam. I am going to start two new pages, one for questions and answers and one for classifieds. To participate, just e-mail me your ads and/or questions and answers and I will place them on the appropriate page. If you have pictures, send them also.

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If you have a litter of pups for sale, send the the info and I will advertise them for you on the "Pup" page.
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I lost all the entries from my guest book through the years. So, I am starting a new one !!

To all my good friends that I have hunted with in my lifetime as a coonhunter:
Thank you... It was a memorable experience that I will always cherish...May God bless you...
                                                          Bill English
       Mill Creek Repo on an early morning hunt
                   UKC and PKC registered
Sire:  Gr.Ch. Gr.Nt.Ch. "PR" Extreme Insane X
UKC World Nt.Ch. Gr.Ch. Gr.Nt.Ch. "PR" X Junior
UKC World Nt.Ch. Gr.Nt.Ch "PR" Bolden and Turpin's Insane Jane.
Dam:  Gr.Nt.Ch. "PR"             Byrd's Jitterbug
Gr.Nt.Ch. "PR" Nocturnal Skipper
Gr.Nt.Ch. Gr.Ch. "PR" K C J's Gunslinging Annie
Repo has an all Grand Night Champion 3 generation pedigree. No growl, no headslinging or "jockeying for position" (no fuss period.)
I will breed proven females for a pick of the litter male pup.  903-769-3221
                              Hawkins, Texas
"PR" Mill Creek Wild Pete
Pete is line bred Gr.Nt.Ch. Logan's Wild Clover. He goes back to Clover 4 times in 4 generations. He has a good mouth and is not fussy in any way. I will also breed him for a pick of the litter male pup from proven females.
Gr.Nt.Ch. Logan's
Wild Clover
Gr.Nt.Ch. Owen's Hardwood Bozo
Gr.Nt.Ch. Logan's
Wild Jeannie
Gr.Nt.Ch. Ball's
Hickory Nut Harry
Gr.Nt.Ch. Rutan's
Bear Creek Princess
Gr.Nt.Ch. River Bend Flag
Gr.Nt.Ch. Magill's Lone Pine Jill